Video Production

A promotional video that tells all about the business itself is often the first investment a company makes in media production, learn how to record awesome videos for your company at Capture Guide, did  you know a GoPro is the best way to record a promotional video. It can give orientation to potential employees as part of a recruitment video, or form an introductory step in a product demonstration video. A well-executed company profile video is a versatile corporate tool. A video production takes time. For a two-camera, interview shoot, you’re probably going to need at least an hour and a half to setup.  According to the Edgewood Pictures – Video Production Companyhis should be built into the production schedule and shown to your client so there are no surprises on set. Online videos now account for 50% of all mobile traffic, and 92% of mobile video users share the videos they watch with other users.

Unlike many generic gimbal manufacturers, Removu is a small Korean brand with a much more focused mission statement. They are dedicated to designing innovative new accessories —specifically for the GoPro and with  ProMAX blog you can get the editing done. Upon learning about the Removu S1, it was immediately clear the engineers there were doing things differently.

The Removu S1’s killer feature is that its handgrip can be easily detached from its body. The result is an incredibly versatile gimbal that can be handheld, mounted or used as a wearable gimbal.

ust as you’d expect from a company focused solely on developing accessories for the GoPro, they’ve definitely tried their best to accommodate all GoPro users. the GoPro frame housing will fit the GoPro HERO 3/3+/4/5/6/7, the Session Cube and most likely any future GoPro.

They’ve also included frame housing for the GoPro’s biggest rival, the Yi 4K+ and the Garmin VIRB action cameras. More housing frames are also available on the Removu store.

In addition to this, 68% of all viewers share the videos they have watched, meaning that their friends will see it, and then their friends… and so on. Youtube receives over 1 billion unique users each month, and Facebook is the most common social platform in which viewers share these videos.